HV Capacitor


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  • Power Range Single Phase 25kvar to 1000kvar
    Three Phase    50kvar to 500kvar
  • System Voltage Range Single Phase 6000V to 33000V
    Three Phase 6000V to 11000V
  • Capacitor Voltage Range Single Phase 1000V to 22000V
    Three Phase 1000V to 11000V
  • Frequency  50Hz
  • Applicable Standards IEC, ANSI / IEEE, NEMA
  •  Capacitor Loss 0.2W/kvar or Less with Internal fuse
    [Under Stabilized Condition] 0.15W/kvar or Less without Internal fuse
  • Ambient Temperature -40℃ / A [+40℃], B [+45℃], C [+50℃], D [+55℃]
  • Reference Standard IEC 60871


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