Hyundai Electric entered the transformer market in 1978, and has maintained its position as a domestic leader in the field for the past 40 years, supplying a total of more than 1.2 million MVA to 70 countries worldwide.

Using the latest equipment and production systems in line with current international standards, we produce extra-high-voltage transformers with diverse specifications ranging to 800 kV, with a total production capacity of up to 100,000 MVA per year.

Hyundai Electric has been recognized for its outstanding technology, and our membership of key international technical councils such as CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Reseaux Electrocutes or International Council on Large Electric Systems) allows us to take a lead role in establishing technical standards for power grids.
Product Features / Benefits:

  • High reliability evidenced by exports to over 70 countries worldwide
  • Latest equipment and production systems in line with international standards
  • Expansion into worldwide markets through superior technology with independent design and analysis capabilities
  • Flexible design and manufacturing capabilities for high degree of customization
Production Range:

  • Up to 800 kV / 1,500 MVA  Transformers that do not fall under the standard specifications can be manufactured upon customer request.
  • Shunt Reactor: Up to 765kV / 250Mvar
Hyundai Electric entered the circuit breaker market in 1984, and has maintained its position as a domestic leader in the field for the past 30 years, supplying its products to 40 countries worldwide.

Using the latest facilities and production systems in line with the latest international standards, we have the capacity to produce Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 800 kV, the maximum rated voltage in Korea.
Due to their small installation space requirement and low-noise, low-electromagnetic radiation properties, our high-voltage circuit breakers are recognized for their high quality and enjoy a large market share in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia.
Product Features / Benefits:

  • Space saving compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Full protection against contact with live parts
  • Protection against pollution
  • Visual harmony with surroundings
Production Range:
  • 72.5 kV, 145 kV, 245 kV, 550 kV, 800 kV
All GIS lines are certified by highly accredited international certified testing agencies (KEMA, CESI, KERI, MELCO, etc.).

Hyundai Electric manufactures high-performance, high-reliability based on IEC and ANSI certified switchgear and has the largest supply record in the domestic industrial plant market, ranging from various types of buildings to plants, including nuclear power plants.

We manufacture various types of switchgear including gas-insulated switchgear cubicles, gas-insulated switchgear units, high/low-voltage switchgear, motor control panels, etc. with key features such as customizable designs, long lifetime, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Prominent Features / Benefits:
  •  Hyundai Switchgear provides maximum service continuity and safety with internal arc protection structure
  • Able to withstand high levels of seismic vibration without service interruption
  • Space-saving compactness helps simplify layout
  • Qualified for all applications, including nuclear power plants
Production Range:

  •  Medium Voltage Air-Insulated Switchgear up to 38 kV
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear, Cubicle Type up to 40.5 kV
  • Low Voltage Switchgear System
  • Non-segregated Phase Bus & Bus Way
  • Intelligent Measuring & Protection Devices (HiMAP)
Hyundai Electric has a diverse product family of Low & Medium Voltage circuit breakers, from MCCBs for use in homes to ACBs and VCBs for industrial plants. Our high-quality products safely protect your electrical equipment. The new HG Series has won several design awards, including the ‘iF Design Award 2016’, for its compact, sophisticated designs
Prominent Features / Benefits:

  • Wide and powerful range for various applications such as construction, industrial, nuclear power plants, and shipyards
  • Cutting-edge and customized design for easy installation and maintenance
  • High reliability based on advanced technology and R&D
  • Satisfies international standards including IEC, ANSI, and NEMA
  • Standardized process for local standards and approvals as requested
Production Range:
  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) up to 36/40.5 kV, up to 50 kA, up to 4,000 A
  • Vacuum Contactors (VC) up to 12 kV 400 A
  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) up to 6,300 A, up to 150 kA
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) up to 1,600 A, up to 150 kA
  • Magnetic Contactors (MC) up to 800 A
  • Digital & Thermal Type Overload Relays up to 800 A
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) up to 10 kA, 125 A

Features :
  • Maximized selectivity with a wide product range
  • Enhanced safety with higher breaking capacity
  • Adjustable ratings applicable for all AFs


New  1000VAC  & 1500VDC

  • Adjustable ratings applicable for all types
  • Acquisition of DC certification
  • Bi-directional(Forward/Reverse) available
Specification :
  • M15A ~ 1600A, 5kA ~ 150kA
  • Ui = 1000V, Ics = 100%Icu
  • Adjustable ratings applicable for all AFs


NEW  1000VAC

  • Rated current (In) : 40A ~ 630A,  Ui = 1000V
  • Icu = up to 35kA, AC800-1000V
  • Ics = 100% Icu


NEW  1500VDC

  • Full Line-up : 100 ~ 630AF
  • Icu = up to 100kA, DC1000-1500V
  • Ics = 100% Icu



Features : 
Provides motor protection solution applicable for various industrial systems with enhanced durability and insulation performance, Decreased installing space by upper arrayed structure of Auxiliary Contacts Auxiliary Relay with reduced power consumption type Direct mounting structure for Thermal Overload Relay


Specification : 

  • Various product ranges : 9 ~ 800A (8 frames)
  • Rated Insulation voltage : 1000V (50A ~ )
  • AC/DC free voltage (115A ~ )
Features : 

High breaking capacity, advanced protection trip relay (OCR) and various accessories Multiple terminal busbar connections 100% conventional thermal current of N phase
New  1000VAC  & 1500VDC
  • High-quality products safely protect your electrical equipment.
  • High-tech custom design for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Reinforcing stability based on cutting-edge technology and R&D
  • Tested by internationally accredited testing laboratories.


Specification : 
  • HGS 1600/3200 2 types AF
  • HGN 2000/4000/5000/6300 4 types AF

NEW  1000VAC

  • Rated current (In) : 630A ~ 4000A, Ui = 1250V
  • Icu = up to 50kA, AC 1150V
  • Ics = 100% Icu

NEW  1500VDC

  • Rated current (In) : 800A ~ 3200A, Ui = 1500V(4P)
  • Icu = up to 60kA, DC1500V


Features : 
Wide proudct range and improved user convenience Various control voltage and mounting type Certified reliability and stability by international standard IEC 62271-100 Simple structure and convenient maintenance : VI condition can be easily checked from outside of the pole part
Specification : 
  • 7.2/12/17.5 kV, up to 50 kA, up to 4000 A
  • 24 kV, up to 40 kA, up to 3150 A
  • 36 kV, up to 40 kA, up to 3150 A

Features : 
Maximized selectivity with a wide product range Current limiting structure Various accessories (AUX, ALT, SHT, UVT, Handle lock) Double terminal connection by cable or bus bar Clear ON/OFF indicator

Specification : 
  • Up to 10kA at AC 240/415V
  • B,C,D curve
  • Rated current : up to 125A
  • Rated residual current : 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA
Standard :IEC 61439 part -1& 3

  • Cover material  / Colour : ABS / Pearl White powder painting
  • Enclousure material  / Colour : C.R.C.A / Grey RAL7035 texture finish - Thickness : 0.8 m.m
  • Paint Film Thickness : 60-80 microns
  • Degree Of Protection : IP 42

  • Max busbar rating : 100 A
  • Max. Voltage : 240/415 Vac , 50/60Hz

Various Components inside DB
  • Busbar Link : Tin copper plated
  • Neutral terminal /  Material : Incoming  / Outgoing up to 16mm2  (Brass tin plated)
  • Ground terminal /  Material : Incoming / Outgoing up to 16mm2  (Brass tin plated)

  • Types of  Mounting : Surface / Flush Mounting
  • Rail mounting : Dinrail 35x8mm

Range: 6W,10W,14W,18W Features:
  • Quality tested - Precisely engineered
  • Compact designed
Load Center (Hyundai) Standard :IEC 60439-1 Structure
  • Material  / Colour :  EG / C130132A (Epoxy Powder Paint Coating)
  • Thickness : 1.0 m.m - Paint film thickness : 60-80 microns
  • Degree of protection : IP 4x

  • Max busbar rating : 250 A
  • Max. Voltage : 240/415 Vac , 50/60Hz

Various Components inside DB
  • Busbar : Tin copper plated rated at 100/250A
  • Neutral terminal /  Material : Incoming  up to 50mm2  / Outgoing up to 16mm2  (Brass plated)
  • Ground terminal /  Material : Incoming  up to 50mm2 / Outgoing up to 16mm2  (Brass plated)


Types of  Mounting : Surface  Mounting Rail mounting : Dinrail 35x8mm

Range: 12 , 18 , 24 , 30 , 36 ,42 Modules
  • Quality tested - Outer door is inter
  • changeable eiter right or left
  • Compact designed
Hyundai Electric supplies high quality rotating machinery attested by international regulations and

authorities such as IEC, NEMA, EN, CSA, IEEE, KS, TRCU, PESO, JEC, BASEEFA, UL, and KOSHA for

industrial applications and LR, ABS, DNV, GL, BV, NK, CCS, and KR for marine use.

We have a rich performance record of providing the best      technology for motors and generators in the fields

of power, desalination, chemical, oil & gas as well as ocean going vessels.
Prominent Features / Benefits:

  • Low vibration and noise through precise rotor dynamic balancing and electromagnetic noise analysis
  • Robust frames to satisfy various load conditions by FEM and vibration test
  • Optimized insulation system to guarantee durability against severe environmental conditions
  • Customized engineering to client specifications
Production Range:

  •  Medium & High Voltage Induction and Synchronous Motors up to 30,000 HP 14 kV
  • Standard Low Voltage Induction Motors up to 1,000 HP
  • Premium Efficiency Low Voltage Motors from 1 HP to 500 HP
  •  Synchronous Generators up to 50,000 kVA 15 kV
  • Wind Turbine Generators up to 5 MW
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