MV/LV circuit breakers


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Hyundai circuit breakers and contactors offer the best circuit protection and switching performance for
low and medium voltage power systems. Our products cover a wide range of breaking capacities and
provide innovative solutions that satisfy your safety needs.
Pursuing flexibility, safety, and reliability, our products are type-tested by internationally
recognized test authorities such as DEKRA, KERI, and CESI.
Prominent Features / Benefits:
Wide and powerful range for various applications such as construction, industrial, nuclear power plants, and shipyards
Cutting-edge and customized design for easy installation and maintenance
High reliability based on advanced technology and R&D
Satisfies international standards including IEC, ANSI, and NEMA
Standardized process for local standards and approvals as requested
Production Range:
Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) up to 36/40.5 kV, up to 50 kA, up to 4,000 A
Vacuum Contactors (VC) up to 12 kV 400 A
Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) up to 6,300 A, up to 150 kA
Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) up to 1,600 A, up to 150 kA
Magnetic Contactors (MC) up to 800 A
Digital & Thermal Type Overload Relays up to 800 A
Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) up to 10 kA, 125 A



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