Joint Termination


Categories : LS Cable


Application Business
The single piece pre-molded joint is based on silicone insulation
embedded with two semi-conductive deflectors and
one HV electrode. Without mechanical devices, the interface
pressure is safely maintained with elastic retention of material
itself. Upon condition of the installation outer protective
casing are designed especially. For sheath sectionalizing,
proper insulating layers would be included to disconnect
between phases. The main insulation and components are
fully examined and tested in the factory. The simplified design
along with easy and smart installation meets the various
needs of customers. They are currently available to the
maximum allowable cable conductor size of 2500mm2
For all types of XLPE insulated cables
  • One piece pre-molded joint based on SIR
  • Optimized outer casing solutions
  • Transition free for Al to Cu conductor cable
  • Easy Installation for all laying condition
  • Maintenance free after installation
  • Diversion free for differential cable size

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