Outdoor Termination


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LS outdoor termination is based on pre-molded silicone rubber
sleeve designed to fit with controlled interference over the
cable insulation and able to follow the cable size variations
with sufficient positive pressure to control the electrical stress
by elastic retention of silicone material itself.
The termination is filled with polybutene oil up to optimized
level where the electric stress is substantially reduced thereby
not requiring an oil reservoir or monitoring system as additional
maintenance expenses. The termination base plate and the
cable’s metallic sheath are electrically insulated from the supporting
structure by means of stand off insulators designed to
withstand both mechanical and electrical stresses in services.
Either porcelain or polymer hollow insulator can be supplied
depending upon requests. They are currently available to the
maximum allowable cable conductor size of 2500mm2
  • For all types of XLPE insulated cables
  • Porcelain & Polymer both available
  • Without Pressurizing & Monitoring
  • Configurable creepage distance design
  • Self- supported type design
  • Maintenance free after installation

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