Bus duct Ez/Ex/Ef-way


Bus Duct Bus ducts are a fairly new-concept electricity distribution system first commercialized in the 20th century. As they are suitable for large-scale electrical systems, the demand for bus ducts is increasing rapidly. Following the trend of large-scale, wide-range energy supply/usage, bus ducts have proven to provide convenience of installation and maintenance as well as safety

Categories : LS Cable


LS Cable & System E-series Bus duct can be used for applications carrying up to AC 1000V and currents from 630A to 7500A. When connected using a joint kit the connected surface is very large thus minimizing contact resistance, and basically IP54 level can be realized. It can be produced in both exterior and interior IP65 configuration, and interior IP42 according to application requirements. The E-series is classified into three types according to insulation: Ez/Ex/Ef-way. As an option, a single-bolt structure is feasible whereby the connector conductor connects directly without a joint kit.


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