Innovation for Smart Asset Management System (AMS)

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Innovation for Smart Asset Management System (AMS)

Power facility and asset management solutions refers to the business of maximizing overall business efficiency by systematically managing performance, risk, and maintenance costs according to the project life cycle (PLC) of various products and providing customized asset management solutions tailored to the requirement.

INTEGRICT Assets Management Solution

By linking with the ICT platform, Hyundai Electric collects key information from major power facilities and analyzes it to forecast product lifecycle and possible malfunctions as well as manage operation performance. In doing so, we provide services that enable optimal business results by enabling improvement of overall facility performance and preparation for any challenges, followed by maintenance and efficient management of parts inventory.

Strengths of Asset Management System

1  Manufacturing cost reduction with
    optimized facility management
2  Maintenance cost reduction through
    stable operation
3  Maintenance and inventory component
    management cost reduction
4  Quality and reliability of electric power
    facility improvement
5  Securing maximum productivity by
    real-time monitoring management
6  Minimizing downtime through failure
    pre-estimation and prevention
7  Real-time optimum performance management

thinks and speaks for itself, effectively protects the assets

Monitoring key motor parameters

  • Overall vibration
  • Air gap eccentricity
  • Cooling/Bearing condition
  • Rotor health

Main Benefits for customers 

  • Reduction of downtime
  • Extended motor lifetime
  • Energy saving on plant maintenance
  • Maximize the productivity



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